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Design Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Wichita KS

A smile designed by our cosmetic dentists is truly a work of art. The term applies to the enhancement of a smile through a combination of methods including dental implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics, and full mouth reconstruction with white fillings and porcelain crowns and veneers. Much more than the teeth are considered. A patient's eyes, face, lip line, coloring, gum tissue contour and many other aspects are taken into account when a new smile is designed. The goal is to re-design a smile that fits you, one that is beautiful, strong, and natural looking.

Browse our Smile Gallery to see how our doctors have improved the function and appearance of our patients' overall health.

Many patients come to our doctors because they need a cosmetic dentist who can fix degraded tooth function and difficulty in chewing effectively. Crowded teeth, poor dental care and the age of your teeth all can contribute to this condition. When your teeth are out of ideal alignment, destructive forces begin to attack teeth. Every time your jaw closes, the damage continues. Tooth breakage and pain of the jaw, neck and head often ensue.

In addressing and correcting any of these problems, not only do patients find relief, improved function and better oral health, but they are also delighted to achieve a beautiful smile line, increased self-confidence and more youthful appearance!

Cosmetic dentistry can solve most dental aesthetic issues.

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