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Laser Cured Dental Fillings

Laser-Cured Dental Filings

What are Laser-Cured Dental Fillings?

Many patients simply have dental fillings that have outlived their intended life. Family dentists at Frankenbery and Johnson are primarily concerned with the health of our patient's teeth. Cracked teeth and leaking worn out dental fillings compromise the health of one's mouth, and ultimately a patient's overall general health. To begin with, a filling is designed to stop decay and protect exposed tooth from further damage. In the past, silver amalgam fillings have served this purpose. Although these dental fillings are typically the least expensive solution, silver amalgams have many disadvantages over the latest composite "white" fillings. Silver amalgam dental fillings may actually fracture the tooth when exposed to hot and cold, by continually expanding and contracting within the tooth structure. This can lead to cracks or loosening of the filling, allowing decay to enter the tooth. If this happens, the decay can continue undetected and uncontrolled until the nerve of the tooth is actually damaged. At this point, a root canal is often the only means available to save the tooth.

Composite resins, or "tooth colored dental fillings" have several advantages over metal fillings: the composite actually "bonds" to the tooth structure, so that the filling adds strength and protects the tooth. In addition, composite restorations allow us to restore teeth to their original shape and color.

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